Monday, October 6, 2014

Highlights From our 2014 Conference

Left to Right: JFK Historical Group Members David Denton, Walter Boyes,
Ed Tatro, & Keynote Speaker Dr. Cyril Wecht

With our 2014 conference in the books, we would like to thank everyone who attended, spoke, or contributed in any way. It was an outstanding experience for all involved, and we look forward to what the future holds for the JFK Historical Group. Below we've shared both feedback and photos from our attendees and speakers. If you have anything to share, we encourage you to send that our way. Thanks again for making it a great conference!!!!

“I want to thank you for a taking the time to create the “JFK Historical Group”. Your organization assembled a weekend full of distinguished individuals, who illustrated the mistakes and omissions of the Warren Report; the government’s official version on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The expertise of these personalities helped to illuminate and effect change in the establishment of truth, which has been concealed within the confines of the Warren Report for the past 50 years.”
-Casey J. Quinlan
 “Beyond The Fence Line
 The Eyewitness Account of Ed Hoffman
 and the Murder of President John F. Kennedy

"I just wanted to compliment you and your group for a wonderful and informative weekend.  Even though I have been going to JFK conferences since 1994, several people you and Ed arranged for us I had never heard before, including Judyth Baker, Francis Gary Powers, Jr., Richard Bartholomew, and David Scheim.  This made your conference seem "fresh" for me... I especially enjoyed Ed Haslam on Sunday morning.  Ed is a solid researcher in an interesting and important area that has not been 'overdone.'"

-Terry Moore

"Thank YOU for all of your hard work and good effort to put the conference together and make it a success. Without your leadership even the highest quality presentations would not have made any difference in the end as they wouldn't have had the opportunity to be heard. I applaud your dedication."

-Greg Burnham

"Katanna and I cannot thank you enough for all of your hard work organizing and managing the conference. It was an honor to speak at this historic event. You all did an awesome job. The site was beautiful and Alexandria was such a great place to walk back in time with our fore Whoop! (Texas A&M)

Thanks again for such a wonderful conference."

-Sara Peterson

"I just want to thank you for setting up and coordinating the Conference last weekend. I learned so much, and it was so encouraging to see and hear such highly accomplished, knowledgable and entirely sane (conspiracy theorist--what think tank thunk that up) people continuing to investigate this far from cold case."

-Charlotte Gavin

Presenter Ed Tatro

Keynote Speaker Dr. Cyril Wecht

Presenter Doug Horne & attendees.

2014 Banquet

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Announcing Additional Speakers and a New Film Presentation

The JFK Historical Group would like to announce the addition of additional speakers to its upcoming conference in Alexandria, Virginia on September 26-28. Joining our speaker lineup is Ed Haslam, the author of Dr. Mary's Monkey: How the unsolved murder of a doctor, a secret laboratory in New Orleans and caner-causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assassination and emerging global epidemics.
Gayle Nix Jackson, the author of Orville Nix: The Missing JFK Film,will also be presenting at our conference.
Also the important new film by Shane O'SullivanThe Zapruder Film Mystery will be shown.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Warren Report: 50 Years Later

What we know now, that we didn’t know then.
Presented By: The JFK Historical Group

September 26th-28th

Crowne Plaza East Hotel, Alexandria, VA.
Many of the leading experts on the JFK Assassination and critics of the Warren Commission Findings will be meeting in Washington D.C. on this weekend, to give presentations on the various aspects of this topic.
Ed Tatro, Doug Horne, Phil Nelson, Russ Baker, Gary Powers Jr., Peter Janney, James Wagenvoord (former Life magazine editor and current whistle blower), Don Adams, (former FBI agent and current whistle blower), Rick Russo, ( a key Nigel Turner consultant), and Gerald McKnight are among those that have agreed to give presentations and we are expecting others to be added as we go along.

Dr. Cyril Wecht, will be the keynote speaker at the proposed banquet.