Thursday, September 7, 2017

Nexus Redux

Joan Mellen did not debunk the idea of LBJ’s complicity in the murder of JFK.
I would like to invite everyone to take a look at the new article that I have written regarding this topic. The title of the article is Nexus Redux; it is a followup to an article I wrote last year called Nexus, and it, among other things, challenges the assertions made by Joan Mellen's book, Faustian Bargains. I believe in the 53 years that have passed since the murder of JFK that enough revelations have come to light that make it clear that this assassination was neither committed by a single assassin nor a single entity. Rather it was result of forces that coalesced around a common objective of eliminating a President who threatened to change the power structure they were a part of. I'm sure not everyone will agree with my conclusions but I hope those interested will read it with an open mind. I certainly welcome your comments and the debate!
David Denton
Olney Central College

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